Find the right wedding photographer for you

Find the right wedding photographer for you

How to find the right Wedding Photographer

How do you find the right wedding photographer for you? It’s one of the big questions most couples face when planning their wedding.

The internet is full of long checklists full of questions you should ask when trying to find a wedding photographer. It’s always easy to spot who has read them when I meet a couple. Now don’t get me wrong, there is no stupid question, so if you want to know the answer, ASK! However, some of the questions in these lists will bring you no closer to finding the right one for you. Now you may expect me to say that I am the right wedding photographer for you? The fact is that I may or may not be! This is why I don’t see myself as being in competition with most other wedding photographers. We all offer something different and it is up to you to find the right wedding photographer for you.

You see there are thousands of good wedding photographers. They are easy to find. But which one is the right one for you? Ignoring the hype, there are three elements to a wedding photographer and, to fined the right wedding photographer for you, you need to find the one that matches you for all three of them.

The photography

Find some photos that make you say “WOW”!

This is the first thing to look for. Scour social media, websites and wedding fayres looking at different wedding photos. Decide what you like, what you don’t like and, most of all, the ones that make you say “WOW!”. Once you find photos you love you are well down the road. HOWEVER! Yes, there is always a “however”! Seeing a small selection of Wow images should always only be the first step. You need to know that those images are representative of what you would get, and not one-offs. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to take 10,000 photos, and you can be pretty certain one of them will make you say “Wow!”. The problem is, at your wedding, you don’t just want one lovely photo! You want an entire album full of images you will treasure for years to come.

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Wedding

Check for consistency.

Two or three complete wedding albums. Yes I do mean albums. Get some of their final books in your hand. Touch and feel them. Look through the books telling the story of the whole day. Does the quality of the book and the images it contains match what you would like from your wedding? If that were your wedding album, would you be happy? No, actually, would you be overjoyed?

It’s one thing to grab a couple of good shots at a wedding, a photoshoot with a model or even on a training course. Its another thing to do it consistently for a whole wedding day. It’s so important to take the time to look through complete wedding albums.

The right photographer - Chicheley Hall

What about when the weather is not great?

Now that advice is pretty common, but here is my added piece of advice: Ask to look at a complete wedding where the weather was bad. It’s one thing to produce lovely images on a perfect day, but it takes a special skill to get those stunning images on a grey, wet and cold day.

Chicheley Hall in the rain

Now, of course you want the day to be a beautiful sunny day, but none of us can control the weather. If you choose the right venue and the right photographer, it shouldn’t matter what the weather does. You should still have a great day, with great memories captured in some beautiful photos. I have a couple of wedding albums I can show couples which are taken on days with some of the most foul weather. Those are still albums that make couples go “WOW!”. I have even had couples say, “that almost makes me want it to rain on our wedding day!”

You can find some more of my photographs from weddings here. Or contact us to arrange a meeting to see some of our amazing albums

The Person

This is totally personal to you. Your wedding photographer will spend most of the day with you so it is important that you get on with them and that their personality fits what you want.

An extrovert that is, in your face all day the life and the soul of the party will be perfect for some people but will be REALLY annoying for others. You may want someone who will generate the fun and join in everything, or you may want someone who blends into the background and allows you and your friends and family to get on with the party. Choose the wrong one and you will undoubtedly clash on the day.

It is important that you meet and chat to your wedding photographer. That is easy if they are local. If they aren’t, give them a call, have a long chat with them. You have to get to know them. If you have them as your wedding photographer you are, in effect, inviting them to your wedding! In fact, you are inviting them to your whole day, including getting ready!

Finding the right wedding photographer - Bassmead Manor

So, meet them. Get to know the person. Decide if you want them to be at your wedding. Will their personality match you and your wedding day? Or will they clash?

You aren’t just choosing the right photography for your wedding day, you want to find the right wedding photographer for you.

The cost

I am making an assumption that the photographs you get from your wedding are important to you. That is why I have put this last. Quite simply if you go on cost first you are unlikely to find the right photographer for you as the cost would be the first driver to you. Now, I am not going into why wedding photographers charge so much here, but I do know that many couples get a shock when they start looking for a wedding photographer. If your wedding photos are not important to you then, understandably, the cost will be your number one criteria. If they are important, then getting the right photographs will be the most important thing.

That said, we all have budgets! It is unrealistic to say that if the photographer you love charges £10,000 then you have to pay £10,000 or give up. However, if your budget is £500 you will need to set your expectations appropriately. If you were to decide to go and buy a new car and you had a budget of £10,000 but wanted a new Bentley, you will be disappointed! However, that does not mean you can’t buy a car for £10,000!

If you have done your search and found a photographer you love and they are within your budget, you have found the right photographer for you. If they are above your budget, you have a choice to make. Do you up your budget or do you look elsewhere? That is your choice, based on your financial position and the importance of the photographs. Your choice and no one should ever make you think you have spent too much or scrimped and gone for a cheaper option.

It is all about finding the right wedding photographer for you.

If you are planning your wedding and you like the photos you see here, why not contact us and we can meet up, discuss your plans, and you can look through some of our amazing wedding albums. Then you can decide if I really am the right wedding photographer for you


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