Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography

In recent years many people have opted for a wedding ceremony in another country with close friends and family. A beautiful beach is certainly a wonderful backdrop. This is usually followed, on their return to the UK, by a big celebration with all friends and family. In fact it is something my wife and I did ourselves! When it comes to Destination Wedding Photography, you may think that this means that we cannot help you, but that could not be further from the truth!

We offer a number of services for people who decide to do just that!

Your Destination Wedding Photography

We love photographing weddings anywhere in the world. Wherever you are getting married we are happy to photograph your wedding.

Why would you want to bring your photographer with you?

Selecting your photographer is a very important step for any wedding. Deciding on a destination wedding is an exciting decision. Other than memories, the rings and your spouse, the only thing you will have to keep for years to come are your wedding photos. You need to be confident that you are getting the photographer you want and the photographs you want. Many resorts that offer a wedding service include a photographer or you could hire a local photographer using the internet or even have a guest take the photos. However, if you were getting married in the UK would you find a website and book a photographer based on their website alone?

Comparison of using a destination wedding photographer v Mark Fraser Photogarphy?

Destination Photographer

Mark Fraser Photography

Choosing your Photographer

Do you know who your photographer will be when you choose you book?You may or may not depending on the service you choose.Yes - It is always me!
Can you meet your photographer before you book them?NoYes
Can you see a good selection and be confident of what you will get before you book them?NoYes

Before the Wedding

Can you have a Pre-Wedding Shoot with your photographer?Unlikely, but if you do it will only be a few days before the weddingYes. You can have it in the UK and/or in resort
Can we talk through what we are looking for from our photos?If you book your own resort photographer via the internet then yes you can. Make sure you are clear what you expect and what they will deliver. If it's the in house resort photographer it is unlikely you will be able to do that until the wedding itself when you will be able to ask the photographer to take the photos you want during the photography session.Yes. Absolutely. We will meet in the UK before we fly out to the resort and then again in resort. We can even walk around the resort together and discuss your plans on site and what you would like from us.

The Wedding Day

Will my photographer know all the best places to take photos?They certainly should do if they work at that resort all the time. However, the inclusive photographer in many wedding deals is often for the ceremony and a few photos afterwards and we have seen many photographs where they have been taken right by the ceremony location irrespective of the light, resulting in harsh photos that do not show off the beauty of the location.We always ensure we arrive at the resort the day before the wedding so that we can explore and find the best locations and the best light. We can even do that together so you know exactly what photos we can take where.
My wedding is in the morning. Will I be able to get sunset photos?It depends on the package you have booked. Many resort photographers attend the wedding ceremony and take photos afterwards and then leave. You may be able to upgrade to have the photographer all day.Yes. We will be there all day so you can be assured we will capture your whole day.

After the Wedding

Will you see your photos in resort?Normally yes as they will be quickly downloaded and given to you before you return to the UKYou will see some of them as a "sneak peek" but we take a lot of care over editing your photos and we normally spend a week editing your wedding to a very high standard. This work is scheduled in and means it will be around 3 weeks before you see your final photos. You will not see the full set of photos until you return to the UK.
Who is responsible for getting your photos back to the UKAssuming your photographer gives you your photos in resort, you are responsible for getting them home safely. If not you will have to wait for them to be shipped to you.We are! We will backup all your photos to our secure online storage before we leave resort. We will also have all your photos on three separate physical storage devices, one in our cases, one in hand luggage, and one we carry in person. Even if all our baggage is lost on the flight home we should still have at least one physical copy. In the unlikely event that that copy has been corrupted we will still have the online copies secure ready for us when we return home.

Back in the UK

Once you have seen your photos how will your album be designedMany Resort photographers do not offer a quality Wedding album. Where they do they will design the album and ship it to you some time later.We work with you. We have many options and customisations including choices of covers, paper and styles.You choose the photos to go in your album and then we will work on a design with you so it is exactly what you want.
What if we want something when we return home?Your photographer is likely to have finished his contract with you and is many hundreds of miles away (if not thousands) and so it is unlikely you will be able to easily get what you want.We will be local to you in the UK and always willing to help as much as we can to make sure you get what you want.
When I come home and have a big celebration can I have the same photographer at that celebration so my photos are consistent through the whole wedding?NoYes. In fact we are running a special offer for all destination weddings where, if you book us for your 2016 or 2017 destination wedding we will photograph your wedding celebration party free of charge (up to five hours of coverage).
Can I have all my wedding and UK celebration party photos in one album?Only if you have the correct copyright release from your resort photographer and celebration party photographer. We do offer this service if you have the correct release from your resort photographer.Yes

Isn’t it very expensive?

We believe the benefits of having your own photographer mean that out destination wedding photography is great value for money.

You get all the benefits of our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages plus an extra pre-wedding photoshoot in resort (flights permitting).

The cprice you pay will be the cost of the package you selected plus expenses such as flights, transfers, hotel accommodation and meals during the stay and will be agreed beforehand and charged at actual cost.

All the costs will be agreed in a fixed price contract so there will be no nasty surprises!

In addition, if you have a celebration reception on return to the UK you will receive a 50% discount on the standard charges for photography of the UK event. You can then include photos from both your wedding and your celebration in your wedding album.

SPECIAL OFFER: Book us for your 2016 or 2017 destination wedding photography you will receive up to five hours photography at your UK celebration free of charge.

All weddings a are individual to the couple getting married and no where is this more relevant than a Destination Wedding. We are happy to build a completely custom destination wedding photography package so that you get precisely the photography you want.

Using a Resort Wedding Photographer.

We appreciate that sometimes it may be better for you to choose to go with a photographer in resort for your destination wedding photography. What can we offer in these circumstances?

Photography of your UK Celebrations.

As with any other party or celebration we can offer you photography at your UK celebration reception. Our Party/Event Photography rates are £100/hour and that includes all your edited photos on a USB with a license to enable them to use for your personal use together with a private web gallery.

An Album of your photos.

We can offer you a wedding album containing your celebration photos. Prices start at £210 depending on the type and size of album you choose.

Can we include our wedding photos in the album?

The answer to this question is “it depends”. We realise that many resort photographers do not offer wedding albums. Whether we can include your wedding photos in the album we provide will depend entirely on the license your photographer provides. If you can get a license from them in writing which allows you to include the photos in your album then we can do that. If you require that we make any changes to any of the photos then your license must include the rights to edit the photos. This is much more difficult to obtain as photographers are rightly protective of their reputation and do not like anyone editing their photos. It is really important that you understand the usage license that your photographer will and does provide.

Make sure you get the photography to want and capture those special memories in your destination wedding photography.

Make sure you get the photography to want and capture those special memories in your destination wedding photography

We are here for all your Destination Wedding Photography needs.

Contact us to find out how we can capture your stunning destination wedding photography so that you can treasure them for years to come.