Needham House Hotel Wedding- Amy and Leigh

Needham House Hotel Wedding- Amy and Leigh

Amy and Leigh were a wonderful couple to spend the day with. Very relaxed and full of fun. They chose the hottest weekend of the year for the wedding and had a stunning outdoor ceremony for their Needham House Hotel Wedding.

I spent the morning with Amy and her bridesmaids as they got ready in the beautiful lodge in the grounds of the hotel.

Needham house Hotel Wedding Getting Ready - Needham House Hotel Bride getting ready - Needham House Hotel Wedding

Meanwhile our other photographer, Vaida, was with the Leigh and the Groomsmen as they were getting ready. Leigh and Amy are both real gaming fans and all the groomsmen had special Sonic the Hedgehog socks. Leigh also loved designer watches so all the groomsmen received a beautiful watch as a gift. The guys were just as relaxed as Amy, and they were certainly having a lot of fun!

Groomsmen Getting Ready Groomsmen Getting Ready

Groom Prep

Groomsmen Getting Ready



Back at Needham House Hotel wedding preparations were almost complete and Amy looked absolutely stunning in her dress when her Dad and the Bridesmaids first got to see her ready.

Dad's First sight of the Bride Bridesmaids' first sight of the Bride

The bride is ready for the ceremony

The ceremony was a stunning location on the sunniest and warmest of summer days. Amy did look stunning as she made her way up from the lodge to the ceremony and you could see the reaction on Leigh’s face as he saw her approach.

Entry of the Bride - Needham House Hotel Wedding

The ceremony was beautiful and, like the rest of the day, not without a lot of fun!

The Ceremony - Needham House Hotel WeddingThe Ceremony - Needham house hotel WeddingThe Ceremony - Needham house hotel Wedding The Ceremony - Needham house hotel WeddingThe Ceremony - Needham house hotel Wedding

After signing he register, Amy and Leigh made their exit in a style that perfectly suited them and their day. They danced down the aisle to Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede. One of my favourite photos of the day was Leigh “High Fiving” his new Mother in Law as he went up the aisle.

Signing the Register - Needham House Hotel WeddingNeedham House Hotel Wedding



When you choose a Needham House Hotel Wedding, you do get some lovely grounds for the photos.

Needham House hotel Wedding Needham House hotel Wedding Needham House hotel Wedding Needham House hotel Wedding

The reception was in a lovely marquee

Needham House Hotel Wedding

Needham House Hotel Wedding


The speeches were certainly some of the most memorable. Both Father’s gave lovely speeches, followed by he Best Man, complete with embarrassing photos.

Needham House Hotel Wedding

Then it was the Groom’s turn. Leigh is very used to public speaking and so did his speech with no notes. During Leigh’s speech I witnessed one of the most touching moments of the year. Having spent most of the speech to that point wondering around the room talking, when he came to the point where he talked about his new wife, he sat down,  faced Amy, and simply spoke to her in the most beautiful groom’s speech I think I have every heard.

The Groom's Speech -Needham House Hotel Wedding


Normally this is the point where the party starts. To be fair, Amy and Leigh’s whole day was one big party. However, when the evening came, so did the REAL party!

As the sun set on a glorious summer day, there was time for some quiet photos with Amy and Leigh before I left one of the most enjoyable and memorable weddings I have ever had the privilege of photographing.

If you are planning your wedding at Needham House Hotel, or anywhere else, and would like photos like these , please do get in contact with us.


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