“Oh no its raining on my wedding day” – Please stop worrying about the weather on your wedding day.

It has certainly been an interesting summer as far as the weather is concerned! We have had some hot sunny days and some torrential downpours. Now we start to head into Autumn I thought I would share something I find myself saying over and over again to couples as they start to approach their wedding day: Stop worrying about the weather!

Here is the thing: you can control many things when planning your weather but the one thing you can’t control is the weather. Yes you can choose a summer month to get some summer weather, but have you noticed that it rains a lot in the summer too? There are so many things for you to plan and focus on, the one thing there is no point in worrying about is the weather.

I would throw in a couple of caveats though:

  1. When you select your venue don’t forget to think about what you would do if it was bad weather. Where would you have your photos? Where would your guests relax between the Ceremony and the Wedding Breakfast? Why not ask the venue coordinator what usually happens when the weather is inclement?
  2. When choosing your photographer discuss what they would do if it rained at the venue. Why not ask to see photos from a wedding when it did rain? The thing is, its one thing to take photos in beautiful grounds, and completely another to take the group photos and couple photos indoors. Your photographer will need the right equipment and a lot of skill.

Right, so you have planned your wedding and its now less than a week away. Can I just tell you that, no matter how many times you refresh the weather forecast on the App on your phone, it is not going to make any difference! Secondly, it is seriously not going to ruin your wedding day. Yes you may get a bit wet getting from the car to the venue but unless you are in a muddy field ten minutes away from the car you are not going to get soaked or muddy. You will still marry your fiancee and you will still celebrate and party with your family and friends.

“But what about the photos, I just wanted a beautifully sunny day” is a line I hear so often. Let me let you into a secret: We can get some stunning photos indoors too! A skilled photographer will find some lovely locations which can provide the setting for some beautiful photos. I have taken some photos that couples loved in side rooms, on stairs and even in a corridor from the Kitchen to an emergency exit! Its all about your photographer having the skills to identify the right location with the right light to make you look stunning…..

Indoor Wedding Photosor if you are feeling brave why not get a photo in the rain?


It's raining on my wedding day