Choosing a wedding venue

As I sit here today editing the latest wedding I photographed at Whittlebury Park, I am reminded what a fantastic venue it is to work in as a photographer. Three very different lovely venues and onsite accommodation. Having worked at some wonderful wedding venues across the UK, I pride myself in being able to produce great photos at every location, no matter the weather. However, if you are choosing a wedding venue it is important to think about what sort of photos you want, and make sure that any venue you are considering is able to facilitate those photos.

Editing these wedding photos prompted me to think about why I enjoy working at Whittlebury Park so much. I think it is because it is such a lovely place from a photographer’s perspective. The three venues are set in wonderful grounds that provide so many different opportunities for photography. I know, no matter who the couple are that I am photographing, I can find some beautiful locations to take photographs to suit them. As well as that, I love the fact that, even if the weather is inclement, there are great opportunities for taking the photographs.


Whittlebury Park Orangery - Recommended if you Choosing a wedding venue

The Orangery – Whittlebury Park. Perfect for photography inside and out. A beautiful fish pond and waterfall outside, together with some wonderful trees. Lotsof space and light indoors.

I have worked at many wonderful venues across the UK and some are very difficult for photography. I have worked in hotels that are right on the street with no grounds, and inside are small dark small rooms. I still pride myself in being able to produce wonderful wedding images but, if the hotel has no grounds then the photos will either need to be in a local park or on the street with a more urban feel. Both are great options, but not every couple wants their photos in those locations. If the rooms indoors are very small and dark then the photos will reflect that, and there may be a limit on what we can do with group photos. If there is a grand sweeping staircase or a large room we can produce some stunning images. There may be an undercover area outside where we can photograph whilst keeping you dry. If it is a series of small rooms other than the room that is being set up for the wedding breakfast then the photos will need to be smaller groups so please don’t expect a group photo of all 200 guests in a room that is 3m x 2m! It really is something that couples can easily overlook when choosing a wedding venue.

The Atrium - Whittlebury Park

The Atrium – Whittlebury Park – Fabulous for large weddings

Think about your wedding photos when choosing a wedding venue.

When you are choosing a wedding venue, don’t forget to think about where you can have your photographs taken whether its dry or inclement.  If you are looking to choose us as your wedding photographers we are happy to discuss options at different venues, especially where we have worked there before. We will be honest and tell you what is and is not possible at different venues. I know it sounds obvious, but if you want photos in stunning grounds, make sure your venue has those grounds. If it doesn’t, them make sure you are happy to go to a local park area. You also need to make sure that the park or gardens allow photography and don’t require a special license (these can be very expensive!). If you have a large wedding party and a photo of you with all your guests in one image is important to you, make sure the venue has the opportunity to that whether the weather is dry or wet.

The Pavilion - Whittlebury Park

The Pavilion – Whittlebury Park. Wonderful for your wedding breakfast and evening reception. Huge open spaces outside to enjoy a summer’s evening and a warm intimate feel inside.


If you are planning your wedding then please do get in touch to discuss how we can give you the photos you will love from your wedding. Even if you are still choosing a wedding venue, please feel free to speak to us and discuss how we can work with you.