How soon should I book my wedding photographer?

Now we are coming to the end of another very successful season of Spring Wedding Fayres, I have spent some time looking back at what some of the common themes were in discussions we had with the many couples we met. It would seem that, one way or another, the most common theme was “how soon should I book my wedding photographer”. This subject came up in a number of ways varying from a direct question through to one thing I hate, having to tell couples who love my work that I am afraid I am not available for your date. Regrettably this has become a much more common occurrence.

So, to the question: How soon should I book my wedding photographer?

In truth, the answer is, as soon as you have booked your wedding date and found the right photographer. We often hear couples say “we have plenty of time because our wedding is not until next year” but unfortunately, with a popular wedding photographer that is not a long time. Looking at our 2017 diary as of now (April 2016), virtually all the weekends in the peak summer season are booked so we have very few of the most popular Saturday dates available. in fact it is over 12 months since the first 2017 booking was confirmed. We are now booking 2018.

Having said that we do have dates available through 2016 and 2017. In fact we have taken bookings as late as three weeks before the wedding (after the couple were let down by their initial photographer). The thing is, if you want to book your first choice photographer then the sooner you book, the more chance you have that they will be available.

I love my job, and there are very few things I don’t like, but top of the list is having to say “I am sorry we are already booked for that date”.

If you have your wedding date booked then please contact us as soon as possible to see if we have your date available and discuss what we can do for you.


***Update – 23/5/16*** In the last three days I have had four couples contact me to ask about me being their wedding photographer in 2016 or 2017. Unfortunately, we were already booked for three out of those four dates. Please don’t delay, if you are looking for a wedding photographer CONTACT US TODAY!
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