Walton Hall Wedding – Georgia and Lee’s

Winter weddings are a wonderful opportunity to capture some warm intimate photos that reflect the day, but they are also a challenge for a photographer. Georgia and Lee’s Walton Hall wedding was no exception. The weather was cold, windy and very wet as it rained all day and, being a winter day, it was dark. No, that’s not true, it was VERY dark!

The venue is stunning, the couple are lovely and the day was so much fun. We used all our skills to capture the day in some lovely images. It’s days like this that all that training and practice comes in to its own, and we were so pleased to be able to capture some stunning warm winter photos.

Georgia and Lee loved the photos and we had so many compliments from the guests.



We hope you like this short slideshow video of highlights of the Wedding day at Walton Hall, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.


Here are just a few of the lovely photos of Georgia and Lee’s Walton Hall Wedding
Walton Hall Wedding

Stunning Venue even on a wet and windy winter’s day


Walton Hall Wedding

Alternative Wedding Car

A nervous smile if ever I saw one! Georgia arrived in a sports car and even managed to brave the elements by dropping the roof!


Walton Hall Wedding

Georgia coming down the beautiful staircase at Walton Hall.


Walton Hall Wedding_0004

The look on the couple’s face as the bride enters is always a lovely thing to witness as the photographer standing at the front. Perfect view!


Walton Hall Wedding

That first “eyes meet” look.


Walton Hall Wedding

Despite the rain we used the available cover to get some lovely outdoor photos.


Walton Hall Winter Wedding

Back inside in the entrance hall next to the Christmas Tree.


Walton Hall Wedding

The stunning Wedding Breakfast room. It was dark but in a beautiful way. creating a wonderful atmosphere.


Walton Hall Wedding

The Speeches. including both Bride and Groom speeches.


Walton Hall Wedding at night

It did eventually stop/pause raining and we managed to get a night time shot with the beautiful Walton Hall lit up as the backdrop.


Walton Hall Wedding_0011

The First Dance of a lovely couple.

If you are getting married at Walton Hall, or anywhere else, why not contact us to see how we can capture beautiful images of your day.